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I’m back for a little.

//Or maybe not. I don’t know. I really don’t come on here that much anymore, so not really sure what to do with it???

No use in deleting the blog, because there’s no burden of keeping it up, and I still come on sometimes to post pictures. 


Aeden isn’t really gone…he just isn’t really there anymore. I mean, he still totally is, I just can’t really find the time to rp, and a lot of rp partners are gone, so he’s…sleeping. Maybe he’ll wake up again, maybe he won’t. 

But I came on to say that I’ve been drawing a lot more lately, and drawing with some semi-important artists, and might be doing some legit shit soon, so I’ll try to remember to give updates to for those who care and/or still following me. For those of you who are? Thank you. 



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