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Anonymous asked:

Can you start getting on again? I miss you and your art a lot :(

//Not sure how long this has been here o-o I’m sorry!!! I don’t know, I just…I haven’t lost interest in the blog, and it doesn’t seem like a chore to stay on it…

I don’t know how to explain it. Back then, it was a daily thing to go on tumblr, reply to rp’s, post some art, so on so on. Not sure what happened. I guess mostly because a lot of my favorite rp partners don’t really get on anymore. Some of them are still here, you guys know who you are, but the number went down to a lacking number, so getting on and replying became less and less frequent. 

And with drawing? Well…I recently had something happen that kind of broke my spirit…so…whenever I get my spirit back I might post some more art. 

But if you left this recently, I hope you see it, and I promise I’m not gone, and I haven’t forgotten. 

For those of you still following, love ya. Aeden love’s ya too.

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